Friday, August 17, 2007

Vroom Vroom

Yakumo on a bike. A LEGO 8422 Technic motorbike, to be exact. Seems to be a bit small for 1/6 scale people though. Maybe better for 1/7 scale. Strangely, the wheel wells haven't oxidized, considering the amount of light exposed to them these past 3-4 years on my desk.

No new developments, only thing of note is the lack of black and silver paint. Perfect for this:
I'm a sucker for movable parts. Revolving barrel and break action with a manual catch. Awesome. All it needed was a moving hammer and trigger and I'd be fiddling with this all day. Too bad it doesn't. I impulsively built this the past two days after listening to a friend go on about the Broken Butterfly in Resident Evil 4. I figure, it's got to be fun playing with a break action revolver, so here we go. Perhaps one of the best wastes of time this month.

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