About The Vortex

Welcome to The Vortex, the Endless Spiral of Suck.

I've explained the purpose of this blog a while back when I was suddenly discovered. Now that it's died down for good, here's a deeper explanation of what's going on.

This blog once was just about me trying to build a doll out of Magic: the Gathering cards. It has become "that blog with the TF2 dolls". Not surprising, as I made it my goal to wipe this guy's youtube video off the results page for "team fortress 2 figures". Honest. You may remember that video: a guy making photoshops of TF2 figures into fake clamshell packaging. Hated that video so much because it was just a video of a guy using photoshop. No actual figures. Having accomplished that, the goal is back to "Build interesting things out of Magic: the Gathering cards".

I've used this blog and my personally hated deviantart page to do social experiments on the side. This blog served to gauge general interest in how something was built (practically none). The DeviantArt page served to gauge interest in overall individual items (No one cares unless there's TF2 related things in the photo, nor do they read descriptions). As such, I'll resume putting focus on the completed projects here alongside the process if possible, skipping DeviantArt as the end gallery. No point having two places be ignored if you can simplify it to one. Efficiency!

As a last note, I've openly said I'm not interested in selling anything. I have not excluded the possibility of trades. Good luck finding something I want that I can't build myself. At least I've made it easier to contact me if you do.

Items I'll consider trading for include but are not limited to:

Foil Kev Walker (unsigned) Magic: the Gathering cards
1:6 scale weaponry (no common junk; pistols welcome)
Unglued Sheep tokens