Wednesday, September 09, 2009

About The Vortex: The Circle of Suck

I normally try to keep day-to-day issues off this blog, but I'll take an exception for today.

"Wow! You're on Kotaku!"
"Wow. They used the worst picture ever."

If you've managed to find this blog/page, I thank you for visiting. Seems that I've been linked on, and with the most unsightly progress image ever. Fugly medic with a sad looking pyro and with a demoman with Michael Jackson issues. At least they got a shot of my minigun.

About this Blog:
I originally intended this blog to document random things I built. More for me than you, actually. Seems like it's leaning towards you now. The main intent was to:
  1. Highlight some building techniques I discovered or learned or found useful
  2. Show off what those techniques could build
As a result, I don't have a gallery. Just a long pile of posts that show what went into making things. Best you'll have to work with is my DeviantArt page, which I actually reluctantly created.

About me:
This blog's about what I make. I don't care for drama, nor should you be subjected to it. Jacob Norad's not even my real name, if you're wondering.

About the Goods:
You probably have come here looking for my Team Fortress 2 related crafts. I don't blame you, I've been making them for a year. I do make other things, but they're not as popular. If you're wondering, I have no intent of selling them, simply because I feel that they could be a lot better in quality. I'm never happy with what I have and always feel that I could have done better. And also, it's a pain in the ass to build this:

I primarily use Magic: the Gathering cards to make my stuff, simply because I have a lot of them and they're quite easy to work with. And you kinda need some sort of shtick these days...

About the Fugly Medic
The Medic was my first doll head attempt. Really bad. So bad I made a new one and mailed the old one to Canada. Unfortunately, I'll forever be known as the guy who sucks at sculpting the "Medic with the giant Jew nose." I don't mind nor care about criticism. Shows that, just like me, YOU will not settle for any old crap. I like people who know what they want. It also shows me that I really need to get better at doing this sort of thing.

I could easily edit all my old posts and photos so they all look nice and presentable, but that's like lying. Lying about your past, and what you could do. Doesn't show people that your early work sucked hard. I'd rather keep those around to remind myself that I'm getting a lot better, and to never settle for crap.

Other issues:
Demoman's racial identity crisis has since been fixed. Pyro's in a state where my technology is too subpar to make better. Going to stay horrible for a while longer. I'm trying to shift off TF2 for a bit and try other things, so it'll be some time before I fix the lingering problems. The main reason is that by doing other things, I'll pick up some more techniques that I can use. You can't get better if you're afraid to try doing other things.

Anyways, thanks again for visiting. If you've at least laughed your ass off at my past failures, or liked my better works, then I think it was worth the click.

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the masked builder said...

Big fan of your blog. Making my own set of TF2 figures (using latex) casting and your blog is really helpful. hope you'll keep up the good work.