Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fear me! I am the Fire Mage! FIIIIIIIRRRRE! BUUURN!

Well, here's to a week or two of boredom. I've made myself a Kris Mage, one of the many cards that influenced some of my artistic endeavors over time. I've always loved the detail on her outfit.

Anyways, time to show what a bored engineer can do with practically no experience sewing outfits or doing embroidery! And since I'm out of knives, we'll have to play with fire.

I could have easily used Lia since her hair better matches, but I like Hotaru better. It's the sad truth.

Every cultural ransacking starts with a little red book.

I shall engulf thee with the might of my fiery wrath!

Taste the fury of crimson flame!

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