Monday, July 27, 2009

Celebrate July 27, Portuguese "Build A Shotgun That Sends Deer Flying Into The Woods" Day

Time to showcase some new toys. Today, we have a sawn-off shotgun, otherwise known to you Team Fortress 2 fans as the Force-a-Nature shotgun for the Scout. Normally, I'd have the Scout show off the weapon, but due to his previous existence as Shia LaBeouf, he will be forever hated in my heart. Actually, his "Bonk" arm action prohibits me from making fun poses with the Force-a-Nature, which is a shame. Too loose to pose with.

Since it's getting harder and harder to build things to impress the two of you out there who follow this blog, I had to do something extra with this model. Time to unveil ... THE GIMMICK!

The Magic: the Gathering Force-a-Nature model actually breaks open. *YAWN* Not too exciting.

I conveniently accidentally designed the Force-a-Nature to accept Dragon 1:6 scale shotgun shells. Gives this model a bit more fun factor. That's great and all, but that's nothing a normal bored engineer can't do. What does a bored engineer who inhales Magic: the Hallucinogenic Dust do to make something special?

They add a functional locking mechanism. There's a lever located on the stock for latching and releasing the front barrel assembly. I'll go into the details in the next post on how that works. No point making the barrel hinge open if you can't hold it shut. No more losing shotgun shells randomly after handling/dropping it.

The Force-a-Nature boasts the ability to launch the user into the sky if fired in mid-air. Naturally, Hotaru wants to try this out. Or rather, she doesn't have a choice this time.

Simply aim down and prepare for lift-off.


I've always had a fondness for a double barreled shotgun, ever since seeing Demolition Man where Sylvester Stallone reloads his shotgun by breaking it open, flinging it over his shoulder to eject the shells, then calmly reloading it. Now, I can relive those glorious moments in fabulous 1:6 scale, thanks to Saxton Hale of Mann Co.

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