Sunday, August 09, 2009

The Soldier Reviews 1:6 Scale ZACCA M-72A2

At ease maggots! J.Norad deserted his post here to go to associate in the girly activity called "shopping". Meanwhile, he left me here to defend the post solo, but that's O.K. since I'm a hard blooded killing machine! J.Norad left me this M-72A2 Light Antitank Weapon issued by ZACCA, series 1. It is an outstanding weapon, worthy enough of being held and used by yours truely.

Unfortunately, this LAW comes pre-extended and has less moving parts than the bodies of my dead enemies. If you're looking for a M-72 LAW with full moving parts, extending rear, closable cover and actual missile, you should look elsewhere. ZACCA isn't the best for stuff with moving parts, unless they're falling off. That's movement, isn't it? Fortunately, this fine specimen doesn't have any issues with loose components. Nothing has fallen off so far, and the parts all fit snugly. J.Norad mentioned to me that a company called "Hot Toys" makes a 1:6 scale M-72 that has collapsible sights and the whole she-bang! Not bad from a company whose name suggests some purveyor of gentlemen's literature. Soldiers get lonely in the trenches sometimes, but , AHEM, that's not the point here. What was I going on about? Ah yes. How to use the thing!

Like all good Soldiers, we don't have time for reading. If you're too busy reading, you're too busy being DEAD. That's why it's a good thing that this M-72A2 has a picture showing you numb-nuts how to hold and fire the LAW. Unlike last time, those Japanese at ZACCA finally learned how to write the proper language of the world, English! I bet they knew I was going to be using one of these, so they buckered up and learned to write English, lest I come for them like I did for the Nazis in WWII. Never mind that my amazing killing spree was a bit late, but I showed them who was boss anyways.

I heard that BLU had more secret weapons built since the last time I went patrolling. They may have fooled me once by disguising their weapon as a toy car last time, but that trick won't fool me again. The intel I received that their weapon was codenamed "Mirage". Something about a robotic version of a Spy. Told me that it was capable of being better than the Spy, able to hide and make projections of itself. Such cowardly antics will not work against me, for I am the master of combat!

Well, I'll be. Looks like the intel was right all along. A BLU robot spy.

Fortunately, this weapon unlike last week, is capable of being utilized to the fullest in the hands of even maggots like you. Unfortunately the cameraman didn't get to live long enough to photograph a shot of me beating the living crap out of that BLU robot. But I can offer you the following tip if you want to be as great of a Soldier as I am. If you want to buy this M-72, it will set you back just $5 MSRP, but inflation and shipping charges can easily inflate that to around $10-12. I would suggest that if you want the best one out there, be prepared to pay $30-40 for it alone. I saw photos of the Hot Toys version from J.Norad's intel files, and I can say it looks very impressive and is superior in every way with extra markings and the removable missile. But I don't know how many of you pansies are going to need to buy that exact LAW in the highest detail possible, so if you're on a budget, the ZACCA one is not a bad buy.

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