Saturday, December 26, 2009

This Week's Project: Crafting a Chair

You can only build so many firearms and bladed weapons before you need to sit down and think of more to build. This week, I've opted to go ahead and build a chair than my original plan of a sniper rifle. I can use the chair more than the rifle will ever be.

Chair has a padded seat. The inside is comprised of layers of somewhat thick cloth unfit for doll clothesmaking. I haven't perfected the method yet of making chair cushions. Once I finalize it, I'll share.

For this project, I needed thick, but workable stacks of card. I started off with 4-card thick stacks cut in the shape of the chair part template. By combining five of these stacks (I wanted a 6mm thick leg, so 20 cards ~6mm, in case you're wondering how I pulled that number) and bending them before they dried, I could achieve a gradual curve for the parts. Worked out well, but cutting out the pieces was tedious. I need to perfect the system first.

The chair back was done with a single 4-card layer, glued into place with Loc-tite adhesive. I didn't go fancy this time and put proper joints to assemble the chair like for 1:1 scale furniture, something I rather regret not doing. I'll be sharing what other things I learned from making more furniture in the future.

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