Thursday, October 28, 2010

TF2 Minigun Documentation

Doing a bit of housecleaning on this mess of a blog. Realized that I've never posted the drawings used to build the Heavy's minigun.  The drawings were used as a backdrop for the finished model. It's like I suddenly had a minigun built, without any construction progress documented at all. Not too useful if I for some reason need to rebuild one. Luckily, I've re-drawn 95% of the parts properly, so that even you have a chance in hell of reproducing the minigun!

 There's four sheets of diagrams total to document each part. This model can be built entirely out of 110lb cardstock and 1/8" diameter bamboo sticks, with little or no Magic: the Gathering requirement for strength. You'll need a good understanding of how to read an engineering drawing, otherwise parts may get confusing. All dimensions are in millimeters.

Assembling them all together is left up to you using a general idea of where the parts go. Shouldn't be too hard. I haven't split up the parts into basic components, so how you go about it is up to you. There's a lot of weight for the model, so you'll have to get creative in saving weight. It won't be a good beginner's model, but handy if you need to draw most of the gun using CAD, and wanting the result to be in scale. 

EDIT: Thanks to wargrounds for pointing out some errors in the schematic that make the assembly ambiguous. The updated schematic is here and the old one taken down.
This sheet details the spinning barrel assembly.  Details how the inner and outer assembly are made, along with the end cap to allow the inner assembly to stay in place while allowing for rotation.

 Miscellaneous decorative elements and the supports for the carrying handle.

 Main handle assembly and small view of how the barrel is assembled using the featured rod.

All these parts deal with the  ammo drum and the six barrels. The center item with the multiple specified lengths of tube to make deals with the individual sections of the barrel. These fit over the 115mm long rod, and are spaced out with the four disks and the muzzle.

 It looks huge, but it is 1:6 scale despite what I thought it was. This will help you figure out where everything goes.

I'm in the process of cleaning up some old drawings to save folder space. Nothing like having a folder stuffed full of schematics for 1:6 scale junk no one wants to build.


Killbucket Himself: said...

NICE work on these!

wargrounds said...

Very nice,but, the dimensions for the outer barrel support are wrong,
i dont know where to put the hole for the outer barrel (specify length between the center point of the drum and the centrer point of the hole). and the diemensions for the bottom thickness (2) and the length of the center point of the drum and the center point of the hole for the side support drums contradicte each other (2 and 43-7-33=3). can make this without the fix. I appreciate it.


wargrounds said...

These are nice but you didn't dimension the outer barrel support properly. The dimensions for the thickness of the base of it (2) contradicts the other dimension
(43-7-33=3). and the hole for the outer barrel needs dimensioned so I Know where to put it(center point of drum to center point of hole). I need these so I can make this properly. Send me a fix please.


JNORAD said...

@ wargrounds:

I've corrected the drawing. The radius should be 42mm and not 43mm. I've added the dimension for the main support. Should be 59mm from the drum centerline (42mm + 7mm + 10mm).

Thanks for pointing out the error, and I hope it didn't inconvenience you too much.

wargrounds said...

Thank you very much. I'm going to make a full scale reproduction of this. And it didn't inconvenience me at all. I fully understand that dimensioning takes a lot of time and errors can be made ( trust I make the same errors too). Ind sorry for posting it twice I thought that the original on didn't go through.

Once again thank you so much!