Sunday, May 06, 2012

Upcoming Plans - May 2012


Upcoming projects: Build the best Morning Rescue shield ever.

Scale: 1:1
Requested delivery date: August 2013
Target completion date: 3 months
Budget: Sideways 8.

This project is one of the few commissions I take on: building Homura's time shield from Madoka. My main interests in pursuing this project are building the gear housing, and trying to build something that shouldn't be buildable. I'll also be trying out new building methods in order to manufacture gears. Prototype gears have been built with moderate success. They don't need to function, so there's leeway on gear tooth strength.

End goals for this project are to have this shield be sturdy for light use, and possibly have the shield's spherical covers open up. Prospects look bad for that second goal. There's not enough design space to work with.  Maybe I'll think of something.

Once the project gets deeper into development, I'll post plans, reference material and notes, assuming it can be completed and that people want them.

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