Sunday, May 20, 2007

JNorad reviews some paper models

Today's desk clutter of the week (maybe year at the rate I post...)
Model Source:
(EDIT: url's defunct. -J.Norad)

Well, let's start off with identifying all the crap on my desk:
From left to right:

Paper Haruhi Suzumiya, horribly overrated anime character from an overrated anime whose fanboy base pisses me off to no end. Model was cheaply constructed, with a hollow head designed to cater to people who want to build the model but clearly suck ass at making proper paper models from mizuirogakuen. The hands are terrible quality compared to his past works, as they're just folded sheets that require minimal gluing. Oh, did i mention she's not wearing panties in this model?

Difficulty: 2/5

Red thing: Monseuir Bome's Jingai Ignis Makyo figure. Pretty figure, picked that up on a whim. No idea where it's from, but I like the costume design.

Purple haired thing: Al Azif from Demonbane, an anime that I heard sucked. Model was a pain in the ass to build, but it was worth it. (i didn't realize at the time instructions existed for assembling this) The hair confused the hell out of me, and the fingers were a nightmare. I had no tweezers to assemble the finger tips, so they came out bad. She has a lot of frilly bits and tabs that came along with the frilly bits to scare me away from anything that has tabs the size of half a millimeter in width. Great looking model, but I still have no idea how to assemble and mount her hair ribbon and this metal plate thing. Nor do i have a proper idea how to display her without using a bootleg LEGO stand.

Difficulty: 5/5

Sephiroth figure: Let's pretend I don't have that and it's not my figure of a gay looking biker with a sword, and look at what it's holding....
An Ivory Mask!

Got it free from the hobby store in Evanston. I suggest going to Tom Thumb for all your craft needs if you're ever in Evanston. (shameless plug, despite that I didn't buy anything from there)

(More purging to come)

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