Saturday, July 28, 2007

Today's results of shirtmaking

Hooray. After three weeks of not putting any effort, I got a decent shirt made. And as a bonus, being lazy to make sleeves provided a vest!. The time I spent not making proper shirts was spent on other things, like making a 1/6 scale FAMAS rifle.
I think she looks a bit like a valet from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, from San Fierro. Ah well. it was a test run anyways.

There were some interesting developments that got in the way of the shirtmaking process. Things like Top Gear's Polar Challenge. Google not being very cooperative. And plain laziness and a lack of understanding of how clothes operate. But I got somewhere close to decent shirts and as a bonus, I now have a variety of shirts to fiddle with.

More fun things to come, maybe some more development notes as well.

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