Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Housecleaning and Introducing Hotaru, J.Norad's new poster girl!

Things are looking pretty good. The Sleeper Agent project is a success, yielding a customizable doll that I will never ever build another of. I probably should have simply bought a 30cm Obitsu, but this was a good test of my engineering skills. Since I'm limited on the number of poster girls I can mess with due to the fact that they're incredibly time consuming to produce, interchanging heads will suffice for now. Today's post introduces the latest development to come out of the workshop, colored hair! And to model this development, I introduce Hotaru (Named after Sailor Saturn, on which the hair style was inspired by), my model for all things random.
She'll be of assistance to brighten up things, as a prop girl. Taking pics of mundane objects like tools, parts and severed fingers isn't good for an unpopular blog, so she'll help out with displaying things. Go Hotaru!

On a side note, this blog has been cleaned of my childish rantings and more emphasis has been placed towards model development, namely guns and figures. More updates as they come.

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