Monday, September 03, 2007

Suigintou Cosplay: full version

This cosplay set features a few new elements worth showcasing. First off, the costume is more complete with white wig and headband like accessory on her head. Notably, the biggest improvement is the new face.

Now, you might have (not) noticed that the newer head has adjustable eyes to allow it to track you from different viewing angles. (Go look again, if you don't believe me. I'll wait for you.) However, that is true, as I've hollowed out eye holes and provided a new eye system that also allows for eyelids to be adjustable too. But the beauty of this system is that the eye tracking is actually an optical illusion. Yes, for all the shots, the eyes were not adjusted at all between shots.

What's happening is that due to the nature of the facial structure, the eye sits farther back than it should. When the eyes are set to look straight on, the pupils are surrounded by the white part of the eyes. As you move around, the lip that exists around the eye obscures the white part, making the pupil look like it has been adjusted to your direction. When combined with both eyes, you get an illusion that it is actually following your movements as you look at it.

Back view of the hair

For the interested party: here is an idea of how the system works.
The left side shows the possible eye colors to use. Right now, a purple set is inside the setup.

This is the inside of the head. The orange/red ring is a structural component to allow the head to not sink too far downwards on the neck. The black strip is what holds the eyes to the eyeholes securely. It allows for movement and simple adjustments.Here is a shot of the eyes in place.

Default scheme
With eyelids added With eyes positioned off center to allow for more extreme sideways glancing

This 2nd generation dynamic head design effectively replaces the original "Hotaru" face template. The 2nd generation head will now be referred to as "Lucy", and will be used for all future demonstrations.

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Ang said...

As your doll reaches perfection, school is also about to start. Any big plans for your last year in college?