Saturday, May 24, 2008

May Figure Haul

Last week's figure haul: Kaiyodo's Nicholas D Wolfwood figure from Trigun. $18 for the figure, which I hear is still being produced. It's one nice figure, but suffers from some minor issues. Hotaru's joint system actually shares similarities with Wolfwood's, with the use of pin joints that can pop out sometimes. However, Wolfwood has nice shoulder articulation, something that came across as a surprise.

Here's a shot of the heavy Punisher cross that makes Wolfwood's thin arms already stressed. His right elbow shows signs of wear after figuring out how to get his cross pose to look nice. Wolfwood comes with a lot of accessories, many of which you can probably forget about attempting to use. He comes with a cloth to wrap up his Punisher, and a chain to hold it together. The instructions to wrap it are in Japanese, and the images incomprehensible to me. Not to mention, the end cap on the chain accessory (which I must say, is pretty sweet for an accessory) doesn't fit on the end of the Punisher, let alone fit on a wrapped Punisher. Pointless and a waste of attempting to cover up a bad ass weapon that shouldn't be covered.

Yes, we all love Wolfwood. But as you can see, Hotaru's 12" body is too tall for the 7" Traveling Chapel. But I do however have a friend who seems up to the task of being friends with him.
Finally figured out a way to get Old Snake to balance on his own! Give him a cross Punisher!

Well, giving Wolfwood Old Snake's M4 makes him look a lot like Tony Montana. At least I can have some variety with my figures now.

Anyways, other items of note: I've heard Wolfwood's replacement hands tend to snap off easily. Caution if you plan on owning one, and don't place him anywhere he'd easily fall over. I've had his special Punisher holding hand come apart (luckily the hand separated from the Punisher skull, which I glued back on easily).

In all, Mega Pelvic Thrusting Wolfwood is a great figure that I don't mind having opened to play with for a mind boggling hour or two to get a pose right. Worth the 18 dollars I paid.

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