Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Using the BONESAW!

Rather belated, but I've bought a saw. It's quite irresistible to to start sawing through everything I see. So, what better use for a saw than to actually saw through something? As tempting as it was to saw through Hotaru's legs for no reason at all, I figured, why not make another friend/victim?

Meet Lia, (build 4). She incorporates existing components from Hotaru (build #1), and corrects the most important design flaw: non-serviceable hip components. Lia now has stiffer ball jointed hips which can be disassembled into the housing, ball and hip support. Hotaru's closed hip structure (hip revision 3) prohibits maintenance without complete reconstruction of the joint itself.

I retained the second revision's layout, composed of a T shaped pipe fitted onto a ball/shaft mount. The change involves not enclosing the ball region to retain aesthetics. Not a big issue, as people won't be constantly looking up her skirt to "inspect her joints".

Other noteworthy changes to version 4: improved shoulder range of movement, non-epoxy feet (I cheated with Hotaru and used epoxy to mold her feet, with the problem of acrylic paint not sticking to epoxy), and more compatible proportions with other 1:6 figures (Read: smaller ass).

Construction progress from start to finish took less than six days. This time around, Lia was properly documented so the progress will take even less for someone who knows what they're doing.

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