Tuesday, December 30, 2008

TF2 Level 3 Sentry Gun Paper Model Reference Dump

Behold the glory that is my handiwork. I present the unpainted Team Fortress 2 Level 3 Sentry Gun paper model. It's not papercraft, since that involves a simpler method of cutting and gluing tabs and whatnot to form the object. I've taken liberties of utilizing unorthodox methods and materials to achieve this.

I do, however, have the eight sheets of plans and diagrams I used to construct this. Here they are, presented in no special order. These eight sheets, along with a few images of the sentry gun, are all I used to build this. No CAD or game model rips involved.

Page 1 (References the construction of the rear, angled leg struts)
Page 2 (References the parts borrowed from the two source sentry models)
Page 3 (Calculations of strut length, angle of attachment, and angle of orientation)
Page 4 (Minigun assembly)
Page 5 (Preliminary draft of part dimensions)
Page 6 (Turret design and support shaft)
Page 7 (Ammo housing and support struts)
Page 8 (Preliminary draft for front and rear leg; rocket cross section) (EDIT: corrected bad link)

There's a few parts that I have not documented since they were made on the fly. The front leg struts to the center shaft, wires, electrical plate, and miscellaneous decorative fasteners are unknown. These can be provided on request.

I'll be documenting individual components in detail over the course of the next few weeks, highlighting various construction decisions used. Many of the applications here can be useful for future project reference.


wargrounds said...

Very nice. what scale is it too? what incriments of measurment are you usiong? page 8 is the same as page 7. and could i have the drawing to (if any) front leg struts to the center shaft, electrical plate, and miscellaneous decorative fasteners are unknown, and page 8. oh and could you provide clearer schematics, some of it is hard to read and some give more than one measurement to a part.

Now that I'm looking back on this comment i hope it doesn't seem demanding and/or demeaning in any way. i really appreciate the work.
And do you by chance have schematics for the level 1 sentry?


JNORAD said...


Thank you very much for noticing that flaw. I'll have page 8 corrected.

Sentry gun is 1:6 scale and all measurements are metric.

I'm in the process of cleaning up some drawings, and this is one of the ones on the "to do list". There's definitely a lot to re-do here, and the goal is to eventually get it to the point where I can reproduce another copy from these drawings alone.

A future post will present cleaned drawings.

I have no plans drawn for a level 1, as there's two papercraft models that exist and are pretty good. One can be found here:

I opted to skip level 1 and 2 since level 3 is usually more in demand and no copy existed.

Hope this helps.

wargrounds said...

Thanks for the help; and no need to rush either.

JNORAD said...


Blog updated with better diagrams for the sentry gun model.

Happy Building!