Friday, December 05, 2008

Desk Vignettes #6: You did WHAT?

SOLDIER: Hmmm. Where is my rocket launcher?
SOLDIER: Hey, female non combatant! Do you know where my rocket launcher is?SOLDIER: It's about this big and makes little maggots cry and cower in fear!
HOTARU: Oh that thing? It looked so old and outdated, I traded it to someone.

HOTARU: I got you this Null Ray Cannon in exchange for your old weapon. I hear it's quite effective against electrical based objects.
SOLDIER: Null Ray Cannon? What manner of trickery is this?
SOLDIER: Hm, it will be a mighty weapon against enemy emplacements! But will it work on little maggot scum? And most importantly, who has my rocket launcher now?

SKYWARP: Fear me earthling! I command the power of one of your most feared earth weapons!

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