Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hail the Return of the Almighty CUBE

I've previously discussed the arm construction process at length before. That was then, and now I have some more things to discuss the third time around.

Turns out, the 1/4" paper hole punch makes a much smaller hole than the 6.35mm you'd expect. Something around 0.238 in (6.04mm) . For pins, that amount of difference is significant for a tight fit when you're designing around that. I've specially made a 0.225 in (5.7mm) diameter dowel/rolling pin for creating the sockets. After human error, it still gives a good fit. All the pins the almighty CUBE creates are roughly 5.8mm in diameter. Still good, since it also makes them relatively uniform.

I'm considering making a separate cube or a metal version. However, I'd have to ensure that the dimensions of that cube makes the same parts as the older one. This one only accommodates 12mm or longer pins and 4mm to 8mm pins. Really odd range, and only one or two at a time. I'm really concerned about losing this cube, since making another one's annoying.

I've come into possession of a large quantity of building materials today, thanks to my friend. A lot more than I can handle, actually. I've pretty much doubled my stock reserves. How many does that entail? Well, let's see.

Quite a lot, it seems. I may have to start using land cards for fuel/fodder now. If you're wondering, I've separated the cards into four distinct piles: Lands, useful, semi-useful and fodder. Fodder's about 150 cards, which wasn't as much as I expected. These cards will allow me to continue building things like this...

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