Sunday, June 20, 2010

J.Norad Reviews: Mini MS Stand

Just for giggles, I bought a Hobby Base Mini MS Stand. They're not useful for 1:6 scale figures, that's for certain. However, it's a good opportunity to try it out and let you know what it's useful for. Mine was purchased for $7 at a local store.

Straight out of the packaging, all you need to do is bend the support wires and jam it into the base. The packaging shows pliers being used to bend it. Fortunately, I don't have the finger strength of a 3 year old camel with osteoporosis and could bend the stand easily. As you can see, the stand can hold some decent weight with the stand prongs. It may be usable for some of the crappy Transformers toys you may own. It is quite suited for Halo figures, and any other figures in the 5"-6" tall region.

Their height makes them great for airborne effects. Not so much use for my applications, as I have little in the 1:18 and under range.

It does make for a good showcase stand for guns. Might use these to help review other purchases. They may find use for photo setups. Assuming I can think of interesting photos.

As for a 1:6 doll stand, it's unquestionably ill-suited as predicted. It can't hold the Scout up at all unless he's standing straight. It's semi decent for propping up Lia in a generic pose. It's not as obtrusive as the Gundam Action Base, but the tradeoff is apparent.

After about 4 days of not trying, this is the best use I could muster with the stand. Guess it's my new official moving airborne ordinance stand. It does fill in a seldom used role that I'll try to mess around with more often.


Sabine said...

The picture of the Halo dude flying off the motorcycle is hilarious.
From the previous post, Snake stuffing the guy into a cookie tin also made me chuckle. Good story telling.

Have you seen the stands sold by Parabox?

JNORAD said...


I have not heard of them until now. I'll likely now have to buy one or three because of you! They look wicked fun to work with, and better than Gundam Action Bases.