Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Soldier Reviews 1:6 Scale ZACCA Panzerfaust 3

Attention, maggots! Today, I am holding the power of the an semi-belligerent god in my hands; a privilege allowed only by the best soldiers. I have here a Panzerfaust 3, issued by ZACCA, and have the special task of presenting my field report of it in action.

As you can see here, there's two parts to this model. A rocket, which the designers decided to not make the separation where the rocket meets the launcher, but at the head of the rocket so that you can't have fun dioramas of a fired Panzerfaust and the sorry gory mess of a bastard on the battlefield. For shame, indeed.

The markings on this model for once were copied properly without misspellings or disemvowelment. There aren't many other features on this model, but the warning and instructions are clear enough for dim-witted recruits like you.

The model is light and can be comfortably and securely held in the hands of an expert soldier, and fits soldiers of the Dragon, Ultimate and Worldly units. There's little fear in breakage, as the rocket is solid and doesn't have any small parts that easily snap off on impact.

Now, J.Norad instructed me to demonstrate my killing skills in this outpost. I have yet to encounter the Blu spy he spoke of in this area. No shapeshifting, cloaking yellow-bellied fiend will get past me today.

I haven't bumped into anyone, so I guess he must be good. I'll have to keep my eye on things here.

I've found the Blu spy, er, he found...gluuuuuuurg...


The ZACCA Panzerfaust 3 is a solid model that for $5 is alright. I don't recall any other competitors that make a 1:6 scale model of it. It's not a particularly popularized RPG to have major companies make versions to sell, and I'm pretty sure it's a model you can not have in your collection and not regret missing out on.

There's not much in terms of paint application on the model. Just two labels and a safe/fire indicator. It would have been an excellent model if the designer made the detachable section purely the rocket and not rocket+front of launcher. As a display piece, it's fine. As a prop, it loses many points for execution as a result. I do give it points for being holdable by 1:6 scale figures without any awkward moments or problems.

As a display piece, it's very robust with two parts. It also looks great. I've had the Soldier hold it instead of his regular Valve rocket launcher since it fits him well. If you're not a fan of the RPG nor can find it for under $5, don't bother. There's others in series 2 that blow this out of the water though.

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