Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Completed Reclining Chair

After some mediocre cushion making, I've finished the chair. I used a less stupid technique of sewing the cushion for the back this time, by covering a foam block with cloth, sewing around 3 of the four sides of the perimeter, then flipping the cover inside out. I then stuffed the foam block into the cloth cover and folded the remaining material into the gap. Didn't bother sewing it shut yet, but it works fine for now and looks great.

Here's the completed chair with cushions, in the standard configuration.

Chair in "Long Day of Work Mode"

 Chair in "This Week Sucked Ass Mode"

 And the "Sitting Limbo Competitor Mode"

So there we go. I now have chair #2 to add to my collection of chairs made of Magic: the Gathering cards. Of course, now I can't build anything less challenging without appearing to be half-assing anything. I'd rather like to get some more furniture for the rest of the Team Fortress 2 guys so I can play a rousing game of musical chairs, but with firearms to settle disputes of "who gets the last chair".

I tested the chair in full recline mode on the Heavy, with his arms behind his head. Didn't go too well. Chair almost tipped backwards. He's fine with his arms on the arm rests. I anticipated that happening, but didn't expect it to go back that easily. I had angled the rear armrest supports/legs to cover the center of mass better, but it isn't enough for the Heavy.

Time to relax and figure out what's next on the project list. This project didn't contribute much to the gun tech pool, which was unfortunate. There's been a few projects I have on hold due to lack of feasibility. I could either scale it back (which is boring), or level up my tech pool with random projects until I figure it out (like how the TF2 dolls did). However, it did give me some new means of fastening thin moving parts together. Might be handy later.

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