Monday, August 16, 2010

J.Norad Reviews: 1:6 Scale ZACCA Panzerfaust 30/60

Been a while since I've looked at some more ZACCA Bazooka Collection models. Today, we have the Panzerfaust 30 and Panzerfaust 60 in 1:6 scale. This is perhaps the best and worst blind boxed selection you could get from Series 1, depending on what you're after.

 If you love Panzerfausts and need a lot of them for $4 for two, they're great. They surprisingly don't have Engrish text for the German warning text. Nice detailing. Unfortunately, due to the size, the sights on the Panzerfaust 30 doesn't flip up. The sights on the Panzerfaust 60 do, and the safety pin can be removed. Firing handle doesn't move though. They both have a bit of a dirty look to them, which looks nice.
 Unfortunately, I have NO idea how most 1:6 scale figures would be able to use these. You'd need really specific hands to be able to hold one properly in the "ready to fire" position. I could barely get a decent photo of the Soldier trying to use one. The 30's easier to manage due to the smaller tube. You're supposed to fire the 60 like this. Good luck finding 1:6 figure hands that can do that.

The Panzerfaust 30 looks more like a club than anything. Or a tiki torch. Or a bamboo Q-tip. You'll probably be able to equip your WWII German army well with just these, or stick them in a diorama on a truck or crate.

Well, time to give the 30 to the King of BONK! with the built in "BONK-tastic action button" left over from the Shia LeBeouf figure. I hear Scout players actually have some skill aside from holding Mouse1 and W while equipping the bat. I don't think mine's one of those skilled ones.

BONK! Or should I say, "THUNK"

"Need a dispenser here! Need a dispenser here! Need a dispenser here! Need a dispenser here!"

"Need a dispenser..."


Anyways, I found the Panzerfaust 30/60 to be the most useful of the seven types you can get from Series 1, because you get two. This has the side result of being provided two sets of display pegs instead of one. If you're interested in also using the display boards as I have, they really help give you more mounting pegs to help display more objects per board. A lot of the space normally gets occupied by a large rocket launcher, but if you plan on displaying small guns and rifles, you'll want more pegs. On the backdrop, I've used 11 sets of pegs and clearly have room for more.

End notes:
MSRP's $4. If you somehow can get these for $4, they're great if they come with the display boards. Anything more than $4 isn't worth it, however, in terms of buying them for the sake of buying Panzerfausts. There's a few other brands out there with additional detail that ZACCA's display piece doesn't have. You could feasibly build your own Panzerfausts for cheap if you're not too picky about the warning labels. (ZACCA's actually are missing the large label on the projectile itself that has more instructions)

These things are disappointing unless you really wanted them specifically from the blind box. Compared to the other models you could get, the FIM-92, the Panzerschreck and even the near-unusable M202A1, this set's very unexciting compared in detail and actual content. They're just board and peg packs with bonus junk.

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