Monday, January 31, 2011

Miscellaneous Updates for January 2011

Time for some much needed updates. I've previously showcased unpainted models of the Sticky Launcher and the Pancor Jackhammer, in unpainted states. I finally got around to painting them.

Not the most exciting model I've done, visually. The wood color was done using a dash of Dark Red, liberal use of Flat Brown, and some Rubber enamel paints. The green was done with a mix of Dark Tan and Dark Green. The rest are standard Greys and Flat Black/Grey mixes. Figured I'd post what I used so I'd remember if I ever needed to make another one of these things. I coated the trigger button with Loc-tite to improve durability and reduce the paint from rubbing off after repeated firings.

I hesitated in painting the Jackhammer because I was certain it would look like rubbish after I painted it. It looked partly like rubbish, so I think I succeeded. I covered it with a thin coat of black acrylic as a base, then used Flat Black enamels to finish it off. I chose to paint the barrel aluminum to reflect the last prototype photos of the MK3A1 I used as reference. Gave it a good contrast. The barrel was coated with a layer of Loc-tite glue to help reduce wear on the sliding pump.

With older jobs out of the way, time to showcase some loot. The second Minigun, S/N 0002, was successfully bartered for foodstuffs with someone with way more skill than I do. Feel free to visit her livejournal, since unlike me, she actually sells stuff because her stuff is made with quality and not with freakin Magic cards.

 So I got a ramen bowl, a submarine sandwich, cookies, a chocolate heart, a chocolate bar, and the Cake from Portal. Also received a bunch of extras like a soy sauce bottle and what suspiciously looks like a package of either dried fungus or chinese herbal tea. The craftsmanship is obscene for the ramen and sandwich. I probably could have gotten more from the trade, but I'm pleased with the goods. I did trade about 12 Tenth Edition commons and 10 sheets of cardstock for it all....also considering I'm terrible at making anything other than firearms or furniture.

Now, for some post-loot trophy photos.

It's so moist and delicious!


"WAAAH! Your sandvich is longer than mine!"

There's also one last item that I received that I shall treasure very much.  A Hello Kitty cup.

 Golgo 13 is extra manly now.

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ChocolateDecadence said...

Oh YAY why didn't I see this earlier? I'm happy your team enjoys the food.
I lold hard at the Hello Kitty Cup :'D

P.S. the Chocolate heart is a "Lebkuchenherz" something traditional german we gift our lovers on fun fairs and around christmas :)