Sunday, February 13, 2011

This Fortnight's Project: Camel Expedition

Trying to get better at sculpting organic models again. Built some mediocre ones back in 2004 out of masking tape and paper and they were mildly decent, albeit not very pretty. This time, I attempted to apply new materials with old technology. Per request, I tried working on a camel. 

The hardest part was to make a decent head. To do this, I bust out some 8 year old kneaded eraser and molded my attempt at a camel head.  I used the same techniques used to build Aelia's armor (along with general clothing) to create a paper cast of the camel head. From there, I transferred the cast to a papercraft pattern, which eventually became a model made of Magic: the Gathering cards.

 The body was largely done in this manner. The internal structure of the camel was built first using an arrangement of tubes, then the camel's hide was molded around it. That hide was then flayed off and converted to another pattern that was transferred to Magic cards. The card layer is one thick and connected on the edges underneath by another thickness of card.

 And here's the finished result. Not my best work, but not bad for a first foray into static animal models out of card.
Will be returning back to regular projects after some more tech research. Until then, time to explore the barren wastelands of the living room.

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Catherine said...

Magic cards?? How creative/awesome. I hope you used only mana cards and none of the good ones.