Sunday, April 05, 2009

This Weekend's Project: Shoulder Armor

Sometimes, you need to make your own parts. Aelia's entire armor along with the Team Fortress 2 costumes were created by this technique. What you'll need is a lot of masking tape, scissors, paper, and an ability to sculpt. Most of you will have 3 of the 4.

First, I use simple strips of paper to help form the shape needed. The goal is to get the outer shape into one single component that can be cut off/apart to make patterns. I make cuts to flatten down the resulting piece to form a pattern that can be traced.

From the left to right:
  • Replicated piece made from duplicating the masking tape formed piece
  • The pattern created from the original component
  • Patterns for each individual plate for the pauldrons
  • Assembled pauldron plates hinged together by wire hooks
  • Finished right pauldron
This is the finished set of pauldrons. The pauldrons are segmented to allow for articulation and somewhat less restricted movement.

The pauldrons are held onto the main chestplate by a strap looped to the belt holding the front chestplate to the back. A second belt will eventually be added to the bottom of the pauldrons to secure them to the arms.

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