Sunday, April 12, 2009

This Week's Project: Greaves and Sabatons

Segmented armor is annoying to make on a small scale with unconventional materials. I opted to go for a new method of gluing armor pieces to a piece of fabric. This allows for flexibility while keeping the thickness low. I may have to redo some other pieces this way, since I really like how it turned out.

The leg assembly consists of two major components: the boot- back greave portion, and the front greave plate. The parts were glued with a hot glue gun on small sections to allow for flexibility. I only glued the upper half of the fabric to the greave so there would be slack on the bottom half to assist movement.

Until I build the straps, I'm holding the front plate together with tape. Masking tape is a wonderful tool.

These parts were created the same way as every other piece of armor. I'm quite pleased in how they turned out in appearance. There's still enough mobility in the feet, which was a big concern for making plate. The winged elements on the boots make me wonder if Aelia was intended to be like the dragoon class from Final Fantasy 3, doing high jumps and impaling enemies with a spear.

Girls always go after the snipers, it seems.

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