Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Motto of the Month: "Plenty more where that came from"

Making armor is quite an interesting experience. It's not much different from making sewing patterns by taping swaths of paper together until you get the right shape. The end result just ends up being solid. The main issue is getting it all to work properly when you have all the plates together. I'm still working on having the armor hold together and what fasteners to use.

Unfortunately, I've had a lot of "reject" parts due to warping, improper lamination, and just out of testing. However, I've acquired a new batch of raw materials that made the process less about optimizing material cost and more about end result. First, let's see where we stand:

Right now, I have the chest plate, waist segments and hips structurally completed. I'm experimenting with the skirt plates and the arm sections. Nothing like using a lot of thermal paper and masking tape to complete my armor. Reminds me of my high school crafting days.

I've bought a sealed box of X-Men Trading Card Game cards for the sole (and silly) purpose of getting three cards from the set for my art collection. A real waste, but no one sells these cards individually since no one plays this trading card game. Luckily, Wizards of the Coast also made these cards, and the card quality is on par with Magic for raw materials. I'll be finding a use for this obscenely large volume of cardstock soon. How big of a volume?

This big.

Sadly, this represents about half my "chaff" reserve. I have in total, something that looks like five to seven times this amount of cards that I can consider "expendable".

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