Sunday, March 08, 2009

This Weekend's Project: Fleshing Out A Skeleton

Well, another week, another update. This week, I've spent a good deal of time inhaling more tasty airborne carcinogens to flesh out Aelia. Right now, she's missing proper feet, her rest of her head, and elbow covers. For the time being, rather than show off her incomplete scalp, I've dug up an antiquated hair model from long ago, and surprisingly, it fits. She has an odd appearance to her face that I need to identify, rectify and execute. I think it's the wide eyes making her look like she's scared of Hotaru and her newly stolen bat.

I actually need to redo the bat. It's quite off in shape and it's covered with red marks for when I was testing the scout's BONK! action button by hitting a dispenser repeatedly.

Aelia's sporting the Shenhua hairdo I made two years ago back when I was attempting to make Shenhua. Back heavy and impractical, it's all I have to offer her until I find a proper transplant donor for hair. I had issues with her head sculpt this week, so I decided to complete her face to see how she looks near complete. A blank head's also undeniably creepy looking, especially one with empty eye sockets.

Rather than make this post completely devoid of content from the farce of a "show and tell" it started off as, here's something useful. Here's the construction progress of the hands. I've actually never properly documented it.

The process uses regular thin electrical wire of some unknown gage with 25mm x 30mm strips of printer paper rolled around them to form the fingers. A 6x6x8mm 4 walled box connects the fingers to the stub. I trimmed the fingers down to a max length of 25mm counting the root, which gives about 20mm of protruding finger to work with. I layered some 110 lb cardstock over certain portions to flesh it out, and carved them down with a Dremel. Cheating, but it yields a nice shape unattainable with just folding and cutting. I may have to update everyone's hands to this newer design.

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