Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Celebrating March 10: Japanese "Gundams With Flying Claws Day"

In the pursuit of new and interesting forms of mechanical joints, I've acquired two more Gundam kits: Blitz and Aegis Gundams. Blitz comes courtesy from a good friend of mine, and Aegis comes from my own shopping whims. Both showed me that I really suck at removing plastic parts from the sprue.

Here's Blitz with Airmaster, my first Gundam. What I noticed first was Blitz' lack of posable fingers. Airmaster had them to hold his guns, and I liked them very much. I was expecting all 1/100 scales to have moving fingers. I like gimmicky models a lot, hence why I chose Airmaster for its flight transformation mode. Blitz' gimmick is his flying claw.

The claw's quite a nice design, and integrates electrical wire to serve as the posable cable. It even comes with its own personal claw stand, which I'd have preferred to be clear instead of cadet blue.

And well, here's Aegis, in a not so mecha form. I like this "protoss dragoon" mode more than how it's supposed to be posed, like a flying claw. The one drawback of Aegis is the inability to put him on a Gundam Action Base. Since we have two Gundams with claw like modes, why not put them to use?

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