Thursday, May 07, 2009

J.Norad Is The Worst Doctor Ever

You've probably seen enough Team Fortress 2 Medic Etiquette posts on miscellaneous blogs. You've seen the usual stuff like:
  • Don't spam for "medic!" over and over and over...
  • Don't steal a burning medic's health kit
  • Don't monopolize the medic's time
  • Don't lead the medic to certain death and expect him to come after you
  • Don't microphone spam because J.Norad's too busy listening to Bee Gees to hear you, etc. etc.

Someone's got to teach your team some manners.

But you probably weren't warned about this happening to you if you violated those rules:

Medic is traitor to team!

For those of you who are staring at this pic for five minutes not seeing what's wrong, here's a summary:

(Medic + enemy spy + voice chat teamwork + assisted backstab on same teammate)x4 = domination on your own teammate.

(Yes, dominations also work on your own team. They'll be VERY unhappy 0nce they find out what you're doing.)

That'll teach that heavy to steal your medkit. And as a bonus, healing your spy friend makes him look more legitimate, thereby making it easier to lead him to your target. Remember kids, just because you and your friend are on opposite teams, it doesn't mean you can't help each other out.

J.Norad will be back with the regular post content next week. Until then, happy griefing!

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