Monday, May 04, 2009

Doing Some Remodeling

I'm loving the Dremel. Greatest tool I've bought. What once took several days of sanding and settling for mediocrity, now becomes several days of quick and decisive milling and shaping with great results. Admittedly, if you haven't thought so already, I've really half assed making Lia. Then again, that implies you've been around for a year to know who that refers to.

Nevertheless, I've reworked Lia's face a lot. No more conical point for a nose, no more odd cheekbone structure, no more round puffy face. Still the same messy hair. What wonders a Dremel does for sculpting. It's like giving an amish man power tools.

I've personally favored Hotaru over Lia for the reason of me not doing as well of a job on Lia as I could have. Lia has resulted in being the test subject for later improvements: shoulders, hips, hair. I didn't mind if Lia suffered some irreparable changes: gave me an excuse to fix her up properly.

I went ahead and remodeled her legs. They were ugly. Practically cylinders with some creases resulting from bad construction. However, when making Aelia, I developed a proper method of doing limbs by adding a sheet of Magic card for the skin to reinforce it. Dremel magic smoothed out the surface, making a much sturdier and smoother finish. Well, relatively smooth. 110lb cardstock isn't as magical as Magic in smoothness.

For some reason, I spontaneously realized that I knew how to braid hair. I remember learning how to braid hair at one point in my life around 2nd grade. Must have been the side effects of ingesting Magic: the Carcinogenic Dust. Magic powder sure does wonders for the mind! Why, just look at what I've made by inhaling that stuff in large quantities. Anyways, I went a bit overboard with the braiding and ended up with a Swiss Alps/southern looking Kris Mage. Since I don't have 1/6 scale hair decor, electrical wire will suffice.

I haven't taken a lot of photos of Lia ever. She was just too unphotogenic back then. Now, she's my new favorite photo model. Too bad I've forced her into permanent Kris Mage status due to a lack of clothing variety.

I've also modified Hotaru's face, but that one didn't end up as great as Lia's. I'll keep working on that. After these cleanups are out of the way, I'll get back to working on Aelia's armor.

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