Monday, May 11, 2009

Weekend Roundup: ACEN and Ribbons That Make UPS Proud

Last weekend was ACEN, Anime Central's convention up in Rosemont, Illinois. Apparently the midwest's anime and manga convention. I prefer to consider that event a one stop shopping center that lasts three days.

My main goal for any store that sells Japanese import toys is to find interesting and unique specimens. I'm very particular in not buying two of anything in the same product line, since that provides no new information for developing new structures. That thereby excluded purchasing a Revoltech, Kaiyodo's Trigun: the Planet Gunsmoke figures (I already have three anyways since I loved the series and build quality), a masterpiece Transformer, a BBI doll, and some random Halo figure. That said, I was left with some possible targets:
  • Max Factory's Figma line
  • A ball jointed doll (such as Obitsu or Volks)
  • Wildcard figure I discover (my favorite option)
After a $35 admission fee, $5 parking, 3-4 hours of browsing, I came home with my single find:

A Book.

A book I have a scanned copy of. A book I can't read. A book that cost me $110. (Technically $150 after all costs.)

To be fair, it's two books, out of print, and the only artbook from the Valkyrie Profile series worth buying since Silmeria's artist Shunya Yamashita doesn't do a good job with armor. I can't find this book anywhere for any price; only the combo Lenneth-Silmeria Artbook for $87. And that book is apparently hardcover too. This one's paperback with a sleeve.

So much for buying figures. I passed on a Master Grade Sinanju ($95 of potential gundam building fail, at some random stall), every single Figma I saw (small, and very unappealing selection), and there were only 1/3 scale ball jointed dolls. As for the wildcard, some mildly exciting Full Metal Panic blindboxed figures were tempting, but not for $13 apiece. At least the artbook stores nicely on my cramped shelf.

After that midly disappointing haul, I finished off the last few annoyances on Aelia. I finally bought some brown ribbon. That means belts. Having belts made means I can prime the armor plating soon. Time to showcase what ribboned belts can do. Certainly better than masking tape.

Generic test pose. I like to use this as a comparison to the artbook so I know what's missing.

I finally have the straps holding her skirt plates together. Two paper clips had to die in order to make this. Their sacrifice will be remembered.

A back shot of the skirt plates. A bit of undesired overlap.

Having working belts for holding the greaves together is really nice. Masking tape really doesn't work.

Now, having obtained my brown ribbon, I need to find some brown cloth for the gloves.

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