Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Gold Paint Looks Terrible

Here's those pictures of the painted Sledge's Shotgun I semi promised I'd get around to taking. Perhaps one of my worst paint jobs ever. The front uses a mix of gloss black and copper to get a brownish tint that's barely noticeable. The wooden stock uses a mix of "rubber", red and some peach paint. Happens a lot when I have no paint handy that actually resembles the color of wood.

I'm quite happy with this photo, since there's only so many ways to showcase a break action gun. I've already had to photograph this feature three different times. You can only prop up the gun with clear tubes for so long before giving up.

Sledge's Shotgun is a very big shotgun. About twice the length of the Scout's Force-a-Nature. There's a lot of discussions out there noting the similarities between the two guns, so I won't bother discussing them here. I unfortunately discovered that the Scout's Shia LaBeouf body cannot actually wield Sledge's Shotgun. 'Tis a pity. Looks like only a select few of my TF2 collection will be able to wield the power of a Jakobs. I was looking forwards to using the Scout's Bonk! action button to slam the blade into things.

There's only one discussion around here in The Vortex, and the topic is "who's got the bigger gun". In this case, it's who has the bigger knockback. Unfortunately for the Scout, he drew the short straw on who goes first.

And with all discussions, there can only be one winner.


Sabine said...

Still, it looks awesome. There are some enamels that can be buffed to a mirror finish, like Humbrol metal cote, but I couldn't find a gold variety.

In any case, I think you'd want a very smooth underground, and some people paint it black first.

Forum post about getting good metal looks with paint:

JNORAD said...

Thanks for the tip! I'll try that with the next project.