Sunday, May 02, 2010

Enough Walking!

Well, it's been a while. Haven't built anything because there isn't anything worth building. That, and the fact that I am attempting to enslave critters so they can brutally crush the lives of innocent creatures that I deem unworthy of enslavement. AKA Pokemon.

For the uninitiated, the latest Pokemon game comes with a pedometer that you can use/abuse to unlock extra stuff on your game. Calculations have put full unlock requirements at around 2 million steps. I was wondering for a while how awesome it would be if you could somehow put that thing on the Team Fortress 2 scout and just let him go. Bugger runs around way more than I ever will in a day. This very mediocre comic was the end result of thinking of other means of having the TF2 guys manipulate the pokewalker. Most of us probably have done method #3 since #1 simply doesn't cut it.

"It involves WALKING? I don't follow."

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