Sunday, July 20, 2008

More Team Fortress 2 Medic Figure Updates

Well, here it is. The Blutsauger. I've only had the medigun made so far for the Medic, and a scaled ubersaw for Hotaru to mess with. With a new ubersaw and the blutsauger scaled for the Medic figure, I now have the weapons I preferentially am using for the primary/secondary/melee slots. The default syringe gun is actually more annoying, with the clear canister and needles inside, so the blutsauger made for an easier build. The top cylinder is one single revolved object, and the bottom is made of several layers of MtG laminates with a bamboo skewer frame. Think of it like a canvas, with wood holding up a cloth. This added to the structural integrity of the bottom, allowing for a less flaccid frame. (Man, it's fun to use "flaccid" to describe things)

HAHAHA! Oktoberfest!

To ensure a good fit, I scaled the Team Fortress 2 wiki's blutsauger image by about 70% so the handle width was 6mm. From there, schematics were easy to draft. Painting consisted of acrylics (as usual), with varying shades of black/grey for the individual elements. The little green elements required a mix of black+white+green in a ratio of about 1:7:1. The red is unaltered from stock.

This is the properly scaled ubersaw. It's quite large. This one was made with MtG laminates with a rolled 100lb cardstock cylinder surrounding the needle for a home inkjet replacement kit. It makes for a better appearance than a wire. This time, I used red paint mixed with brown to get a dried blood color.

Vould you like a zecond oopinion? Yes, I ended up making both saws. Now time for some fun with the saws.

Za healing is not as wewarding as za hurting.

Did zat sting? Sowry!

Due to the limited poseability of the Medic's rubber fingers, the handle holes are larger than normal to fit all four fingers than just three. However, this lets other 1:6 scale dolls and figures use the saws.

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These are INCREDIBLE. Oh man. Will these be for sale anywhere? Gah! The detail in the weapons and the doll itself are fantastic. Do want.