Sunday, July 13, 2008

Team Fortress 2 Medic action figure! (more like a doll, but hey, it's a MANLY doll!)

Rubber needs special paint with plastics in it to stick. Well, I don't have that, so painting on acrylic then coating it with a layer of glue as a "varnish" works just as well. The gloves were extended using a piece of painted 110lb cardstock. Cheaply done, but it's removable so I can repair anything that may go wrong during the Medic's short, short expected lifespan. The armbands are laminated pieces of paper, glued onto the sleeves. Nothing special there.

I made the bonesaw larger than it should be to accommodate for the lack of figure glove dexterity. All four fingers fit in the handle, whereas only 3 should fit in the lower, larger hole. It however makes for a menacing saw. The game model seems to have a rather long and large bonesaw anyways.
Other things worth mentioning is the addition of semi funcitonal belt pouches. They have crudely made flaps that tuck in and can hold some magazines, spare needles, spare limbs, and whatever else a medic finds on a battlefield. More pics at the photobucket.

I've since redone the Medic head so it looks less "Fugly". The older head has been mailed to Canada for safekeeping/disposal.

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