Tuesday, August 05, 2008

This is how we do things in the south side!

Hotaru's been neglected lately. Haven't had any fun things to showcase with her. Today, I tried to pick up some $8 crappy mod-fodder to discover they're on clearance for $5! These things retail for $25, so I don't know how that works out for KB Toys. I haven't really reviewed these pieces of crap (oh boy, they are crap), but I'll give some highlights.

After you get them out of the box, they have really horrible expressions on their faces. The following pic shows a likely scenario where you would best make use of their expressions.

"WARRRRGH! I am the headless jogger! Beware, soldier guy! I have kung fu grip!"

"Noooooo! I can't change my expression!"

Headless jogger wins! FATALITY!
This is a good time to highlight the good and bad parts of the dolls. Their heads are rubber and easy to pop off, as demonstrated. Great for modding, since they have a solid stump for attaching another head. Their rubber hands make holding stuff easy, but are a pain to customize. Not to mention, they only come in white, which is a problem when I need to make the demoman. I should also mention their molded bodies have severe flaws. Their arms are floppy on different points and each one's right knee is loose. Always the right knee, and wobbly for 30 degrees of motion, then stiff. Doll stands are a must for these buggers, since their boots/shoes are terrible for maintaining balance, despite being rubber and grippy.

Now, you might wonder what happens to all the heads from all these victims. Well, wonder no more!

I have a dedicated wine glass from sophomore year of college that now holds the heads of former soldiers. Fits about 5 heads neatly so far. Might hold 6 easily.

Headless jumpsuit jogger :5
Soldiers: 0

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