Monday, August 18, 2008

Having some fun with red markers and a chestless guy

Did some experiments with the soldier body to find what's inside. I cut the front of the chest off to flatten it for the next feasible figure, and to plan out future heavy modifications. As expected, the body was hollow, and the chest rotation mechanism was located high up inside. I now have a good pile of plastic chunks that formerly composed the guy's chest. What does one do with a dude with an open chest cavity, the shards of said chest cavity, and his natural state of headless victim? Why take these pictures of course!


Direct hit!


Now with that out of the way, here's some lessons learned that I'd like to record.
  1. Epoxy needs pre-smoothing or post sanding. Fingerprints are very noticeable.
  2. Primer needs a good solid coat color. Anything that shows a hint of the under layer's color is going to fail hard.
  3. No amount of layering yellow on semi effective primer will ever work.
  4. If you thinly apply epoxy onto rubber, you can paint it with acrylics! Take that, non-paintable rubber! And if you have semi-flexible modeling epoxy, you'll still have a somewhat bendable object!

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