Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Engineering Sketch/Schematic/Diagram overload time

Took a year, but I finally have bothered to make proper drawings of the core components that comprise Hotaru and Lia. Actually, they've been documented as of June when I was building Lia, but I've now gotten around to scanning them. A grand total of five (5) sheets of A4 paper cover the arm and leg joint systems, the chest, waist and hip assemblies with their respective joint mechanisms. As a bonus, I've thrown in some other development sketches.

I've divided the drawings into two groups separated by project, then again by schematics and sketches. Unless specified in the drawings, construction material tends to be 110 lb cardstock. Parts were assembled with regular Elmer's Glue and painted with acrylics.

1:6 Scale Obitsu Replica

Schematics (drawings with dimensions and some exploded view diagrams. All part dimensions are in mm, but tolerances for joints are +/- 0.003 in, since I used a US caliper.)
Development Sketches (insights into the assembly and conceptual development)
Team Fortress 2 Weaponry and Other Junk (dimensions are all mm with a tolerance of +/-0.5)  
Edit(8/28/10): Added newer diagrams for completed projects and links to completed projects.
Other Projects

Now, with those out of the way, time for a few words on some of these drawings. The doll schematics cover 70% of the core structure. An additional 15% are supplemented by the following links:

Joining/constructing limb components (requires the mighty cube with 1/4" holes through it
Building the head
Construction progress image gallery(only documentation of how I made new feet)

That leaves out the fingers, hair, eyes, and to some degree, fleshing out the body.

For the Team Fortress 2 weapons, what you see is all I used in constructing the models. There are no additional drawings or sketches. I've freehanded the models to some extent, based on some simple guiding principles and construction techniques. There's a few elements that I used in game screens to assist in completing, such as the shoulder strap holder for the rocket launcher, and the LAM wire for the sniper rifle. These drawings were included in this post as an insight as to how my mind works and what level of planning I need to get a project going. I've added links to the completed projects and construction progress pages to show the hidden, undocumented steps. You'll probably get nowhere with just these TF2 weapon drawings without additional images.

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