Saturday, August 09, 2008


Time to work on the demoman figure, simply because I found the perfect shade of grey for his vest. On a silly note, the demoman looks like a prison convict with his red pants and shirt, without his equipment. First, to make the vest, I layered strips of paper over his chest to make a rough outline. Enough masking tape ensured pieces stay together during the cutting process.

I cut the paper along proposed seam lines, traced them on paper and made tracing patterns for the vest's main and side parts. The demoman's blast jacket is thicker than usual clothing, so I opted for layering a third, thicker fabric to add thickness than use cardstock inserts. I laid out in order, one red thicker cloth, then two grey cloths for the outer side. Why the red on the bottom? When you sew the edges together, you can pull it inside out to hide the seams. This puts the bottom layer in the middle. Think of a pillowcase.

Unfortunately, I miscalculated the collar length. I'll sort it out somehow. The demoman lacks his grenade launcher, so a Thompson will suffice. I'll add his ammo pouches and grenades after I bust out some clay for the next set of head sculpts. There's a few other issues I need to complete as well, including his boot detail and to color his hands.

Of course, I didn't forget the smiley face taped to his crotch. KA-Booom!

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