Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Molded Versus Sewn Gloves

One of the most important choices for making the Heavy doll/figure was whether to mold his gloves onto his fists or to sew actual gloves for him. Molding them on is considerably simpler and faster, but sewing gives it a better appearance but takes much longer. I ended up choosing to sew gloves for the heavy, partly to hide his wrist joints. They're less ugly when they're covered by the gloves, and it also helps cover the semi-poor paint job I did.

Using the same method described to make the Heavy's clothes, I layered paper over his fists and created a template for his gloves. Hotaru holds one of two patterns needed to achieve the glove. Note the rectangular hole for the glove back. I planned on making the glove velcro together, since I don't have a good stretchy fabric to do the gloves with. Small issue, but better than nothing. The gloves don't cover all of his hands, which also helped the decision to sew them together. The fingerless glove allows me to take a shortcut and not sew holes for each individual finger. If I had molded his hands better and had better sewing control, I'd consider doing that.

Anyways, now for some shots to celebrate the near completion of the Heavy.

This really makes me notice how thin and pale Hotaru is compared to the Heavy. Not going to change anything though. She'll be filling in the role of the minigun until I get around to that.

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