Saturday, October 04, 2008

This Weekend's Project: Handiwork

Less whining about epoxy, more using the epoxy. Finally got around to working on the hands. Mainly because my sculpey has dried solid. Well, to minimize epoxy volume, I decided to go with the traditional wire armature with aluminum foil approach.

There's the hands over the crude sketches of the wire length dimensions.

Hand after a bit of fleshing out with aluminum foil. I used the epoxy to hold it to the pre-existing hand. Now, to do that, I had to modify the hand a bit, since the fingers were smaller and in the way. Fortunately, there's many devices on my desk that can get the job done...

Scissors are overrated. Jamming things into moving machinery is for MEN!

Here's the current state of the Heavy. Hands are roughly done, waiting for the epoxy to cure before I attempt to add more volume. Loctite works wonders holding the foil down as I add more layers. I'm sure there's a technique for adding foil over wire, but I'm certainly not using it. I'm rolling it over the wire fingers right now, and randomly folding the end over miscellaneous regions. The end result is a few laminations of foil coming off slightly every few places.

Hopefully, this project will reach a nice end.

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