Sunday, September 21, 2008

Meet the Scout action figure

Well, after a week of not really trying, the Scout is done. I can't quite get faces to look exactly how I want them to be with Sculpey, but hey, it's better than what unskilled hack jobs can do.
First: the features
  • Removable cloth cap and cardstock/wire headset.
  • Aluminum sheet metal dog tags strung on grey thread.
  • Socks. Amazing that I could get shoes to fit with socks on.
  • Gym shoes. Standard issue, repainted black with white stripes.
  • Baseball bat swinging action. Unmodified from Shia LaBeouf figure, but arm modified to allow greater range of motion.
  • Duffel bag holds his scattergun when not in use. Also hides his "Growth". (See problems, below)
  • Feet are flat enough to allow freestanding poses without doll stand assist.
  • Weapons are 110 lb cardstock.
  • Decapitated Shia LaBeouf.
Now the glaring problems
  • Clothes are a bit fuzzy looking instead of that weird glossy look.
  • Cheated with masking tape for the hand tape. Not worth sculpting it onto his hands.
  • Body color doesn't quite match the head yet. Haven't bothered, might do it later.
  • Lacks a decent stand to properly showcase his true in-game abilities
  • Still has a square "growth" coming out of his back for activating the Bonk! baseball bat action.
Modified joint stiffness for his swinging arm allows for the Scout to hold some poses.

"Anyone keeping track of the number of heads batted in?"

So far, the Scout is the second most expensive to build, due to his stock body costing $20 at a Wal-Mart. The most expensive is the Spy, with a Ultimate Soldier body ($23 paid, $35 retail). If you plan on making a Scout of your own, the clothes are ridiculously simple to sew, driving down overall costs. Find a willing sculptor, some children willing to sew for food, and you'll have your own Scout in a week!

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