Thursday, September 18, 2008

A brand new 1968 Dispense-o-matic!

Now, my Team Fortress 2 action figures can have unlimited ammo and strange red healing radiation with floating addition signs, all at the comfort of my desk. I finally got around to finishing the Dispenser papercraft that has been floating around the internet for a while now.
Rather than go into the hassle of designing my own dispenser, I scaled the template up by 140%. It seems a bit big to me. Oh well. The massive size will enhance that 1960's big US appliances look. The model is fairly accurate, save some color mismatches. It could use some more finishing touches, like pronounced bolts and nuts instead of drawn on ones. It was detailed enough to serve as a permanent part of the TF2 desk clutter.

A handy compartment below allows me to stash all the miscellaneous junk that's accumulated decapitating all these soldiers to make my TF2 action figures. It's an actual dispenser stocked with items now. There's a few pistols, grenades and lots of ammo belts stashed away.

On the backlog, I've been working on the Scout figure. Spent today working on the headset. Unfortunately, Shia LaBeouf is taking his revenge for his untimely modification beyond the decapitation by cursing me with his strangely off colored body. His body is a noticeably off shade from the other figures I've made and that makes the initial paint job for the scout head unsightly. It's like he has a really bad tan line. Anyways, some shots of the Scout in progress.

I've decided to make his shoulder slung bag useful by stashing his scattergun in it. I intend on having his baseball bat out for quick Bonk! action, courtesy of Shia LaBeouf's patented "whack off action" feature. The bag also hides the unsightly button popping out of his back. Dual purpose!

The remaining things left for the Scout are to paint stripes on his shoes, redo the paint job on his head, redo the tape on his hands and get dog tags. Probably won't get those done this weekend. He's looking decent as is, save the unsightly coloration disparity on his body.

More updates and google keyword padding to come. I will be the first search result eventually when people look for Team Fortress 2 action figures. Once I figure out how that works.

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Melissa Evangeline Keyes said...

Love your stuff!