Saturday, September 20, 2008

Strangest $2.50 I've ever spent this month

Went to a yard sale today. Not sure what I was expecting to find there, but I didn't expect to find anything useful. For $2.50, I bought a My Scene doll for experimentation/decapitation, along with a bag of miscellaneous accessories for Barbie and My Scene (MS). For you normal people out there, My Scene was Mattel's 2004 rebuttal to Bratz. I guess that makes MS the anti-anti-Barbie. "Why", you ask, "do I know what that is?" I wish I could make up a reason like "my sister has them" or "a guy held me up at gunpoint until I knew all of the history behind girl dolls from the 2000's", but I boldly went to a site I've never gone before to find out the unknown. Simply, I wanted to know what I bought and whether I could use it as a cheap resource for doll joints. Turns out, they've been discontinued for sale in the US as of 2008. Hooray?

Anyways, inside that bag of random stuff, I got this lovely item.
Why make one by yourself when machines/children in an impoverished country can do it for you for little effort on your part! I was expecting Bratz and the anti-Bratz ripoffs MS to have ghastly whorish clothing, but this single item wasn't too tacky or slutty at all. Quite tame, and it covers her knees! Preposterous! If you could see what I saw inside that bag, you'd be concerned about how whorish Barbie and her rip off bretheren look. Of course, this comes from a guy who has a pile of military garb and decapitated heads in a cup on his desk. If I had my way, Barbie would have dress shirts, ties and MP5K sub machine guns hidden in briefcases. Luckily, the world is run by people who don't collect heads in a cup.

I rather like the look and how it semi-fulfills the "little black dress" item for my doll inventory. On a side note, I had the straps cross over the neck to hold it properly. Now might be a good time to publish my findings so far about the anatomy of a Mattel doll. The reason for the alternative strap position is that MS dolls have a larger overall chest circumference than Hotaru does. Hotaru has a larger one than Barbie, however. Barbie and MS dolls have borderline anorexic limb structure and narrow shoulder spans, probably due to a lack of heavy lifting and an overall reliance of male archetypes like Ken to pay laborers $3 an hour to move things for them.

However, I was startled to find that MS has near ball joint shoulder and hips, instead of the Barbie "I'm gonna strangle you!" arms. (Appears they actually spent some money to add some articulation since the 1950's) These joints are perfect for modifying them into a Phyrexian Negator.
(My favorite 5/5 trampler, by the way. Always wanted one as a figure.)

Tomorrow, we'll Meet the Scout. And by tomorrow, I mean today.

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