Saturday, September 13, 2008

Weekend Project: Things That Start With "S"

Today's incidental theme is stuff that starts with "S" that aren't going anywhere. The Spy's gloves stand at the sanding and priming stage, sitting somewhere on a shelf, slowly setting. His suit still stands semi-complete, sans stripes. Sometime, I'll sew some stripes using some similar colored stitching.

The stove isn't starting, so I can't bake the sculpey to finish off the head sculpt. This skinny head sculpt is for the Scout, having now decapitated Shia LaBeouf. Since I'm waiting for the weather to clear for my gas stove to regain the ability to spark on again, I also made the Sandvich. Not a very stupendous or difficult sculpt, but I had leftover sculpey that wasn't solid from the humidity. It'll join the Sniper coffee mug in the accessories pile.

Here's the Scout with his cap, stolen from a Soldiers of the World figure. The cap's the wrong shape and style, so I should sew a proper one. Can't do that without the head properly cured though.

Progress as it comes.

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