Sunday, September 07, 2008

This Weekend's Project Progress: The Heavy Weapons Guy

Well, I had difficulties continuing with the Heavy Weapons Guy's minigun. I've come to accept that I improperly scaled it to 1:5 than 1:6 scale. Might have to scrap it and redo it properly. However, that doesn't mean that I still can't make headway on him. First, a pic on this weekend's progress, then some notes on the construction.
I still need to work on the gun. The hands aren't properly done yet, and need some epoxy and a coat of enamel for the gloves. If you're wondering about the suit, I can't find maroon cloth. Pink was the best I could get close to, and it's not too off from the in-game model. Actually, it's fairly off, but I tried. I still like how the suit came out, and I'll probably be fine redoing it in maroon. I'll do the stripes for the suit using a colored pencil if I ever get the suit made. The suit still needs some fasteners. Debating using buttons instead of velcro for a better look.

The head sculpt was fairly straightforward. Just two hours of work, and not a lot of problems. However, my sculpey had started to harden/dry out/become useless without slave labor kneading it soft after being exposed to hot and weird weather lately. I should just buy a new box and throw what I have left away. My hands can't handle the additional effort needed to make it workable.

The cigarette comes through the paper mask, and is removable. It's a simple piece of wire with half the insulation removed and jammed into a premade hole in his mouth. The mask was assembled in a similar manner, using insulated wire poking through the mask.
I decided to experiment with the Heavy's body by using a different, more expensive body. I chose The Ultimate Soldier's line of figures, (Retail $35, I paid $23) a British Paratrooper from WWII. For $35, you'd expect something really articulated, but he's actually worse than the $8/$5 figures I bought. Only one elbow point as opposed to two, and barely any waist movement. However, the joints are superbly stiff and he has a lot of heft to it. Not to mention, his shoes are smaller and his right leg is for some reason shorter than his left. Terrible flaw. Always something wrong with the right leg for every figure I've bought.

The default hands were unable to hold anything but a mop and bucket, so I decided to go for it and slice a finger free. Lo and behold, he can now hold a pistol. I got so excited I did it for both hands, so he can gangster wield 1911's now. I'll have to sand down the fingers before I apply epoxy so he can permanently have finger dexterity.

More progress when it comes. However, I like him without gloves right now.

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