Saturday, June 06, 2009

J.Norad Shortens His Lifespan and Lengthens a Spear

Shouldn't take a month to make a spear, right? Seems more like 2-3 months since I last worked on the spear. I extended the spear by about 2-3 cm and redid the spiral. I kept the head, since working on a new one would guarantee this spear never being completed.

I opted to go for carved details in the grip and ends, and drawn detail for the spiral. My first attempt carving the chevrons into the spiral ended with a flaky mess that chipped off easily. After building the shaft and the decorative round elements, the entire spear was painted with primer.

The grooves and decorative balls were first done by Dremel'ing the balls to the right shape. A coat of Loctite over the surface helped little in keeping the surface from fragmenting as I etched the grooves with an X-acto knife. If I had first glued the entire spherical section with Loctite and allowed the adhesive to permeate through the paper, it may have been better. I did patch reinforcements for the already chipping sections with regular Elmer's glue.

I sure can't manage my paints. Might be the lighting, but the paint looks a bit thicker than I would like it to be. I thinned out the mix of Gloss Black and Aluminum enamel paints, but it still looks like the thinner did more to poison me than thin the paint. The spiral chevrons were groggily done with a 5 micron art pen. Conveniently, I had a piece of red cloth that wouldn't fray too easily that I could use for the shaft.

Here's the spear separated into two sections and a coin for scale. I sadly feel I did the lower half of the spear better than the head. I can always rework it.

Well, after several months, the spear is "finished". Now off to trying to figure out how to make the guard for her sword.

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