Sunday, June 14, 2009

RED Team Goes Treasure Hunting

J.Norad presents: RED team goes treasure hunting: because I can't be bothered to.

RED team had set up camp near the local garden. Just to be safe, they've put up a sentry to protect their haul.

Sniper sets up shop. "I think his mate saw me..."

"EUUUAHHHH..." BOOM. Headshot.

I crush puny little men at local store and steal their itty bitty treasure!

"With this, we can fire Sasha for 2 seconds!"


Jack said...

Wow...Wonderful work.
This may seem like a silly question but are your figures for sale? Can you make more?
Specifically the engineer set.

Jack said...

again great job

JNORAD said...

It's too cost prohibitive to make another Engineer figure with the Sentry gun. I assume you're referring to the sentry + engineer combo by "Set". However, best I can offer is posting templates for clothing and parts so that you can find someone who can probably build it for you cheaper and locally.

It's more trouble than it's worth to make the sentry gun again. The belts are very annoying.